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Dreamland: A collection of works

Mother, can you see what I have built for you? It's a shaddy place! Like the ones I used to make for my naps out of all the blankets. Maybe you don't remember because you weren't there to see them. But look, I made one for us! It's of that land you always speak of, the place you called home. But since I've never been there I wasn't sure what it looked like so I made some of it up. We can sleep here and cuddle as soon as you come back, just like we used to every time I would come to see you. Your mind has wandered off again and no matter how hard I look I can't find you. That's why I made this place because I think you got lost here a long time ago.

Mother, are you already here in Dreamland? I can't hear you or see you but I feel your presence. I think you might be here but I can't get past the blankets! I can't find you! I'm lost without you. This place is your home, not mine. 


If you find my mother let me know. Her name is Kate, but here she goes by Claudia.


Dreamland 2019

Screenprint and heatpress on blankets and bed sheets, embroidery, stuffed satin

Dimensions vary

Ambient sleep

Clip from Ambient Sleep 2019


Video & Sound

on this night i fell asleep

Excerpts from On this Night I Fell Asleep 2019

Bedtime Story

Illustrated by Vani Aguilar

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