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Pearls: An expectation

Pearls: An Expectation finds its concept in the personal experience of Atchison-Roeder attending an all-girls Catholic high-school; one that required each student to wear pearls on graduation if they were to walk for their diploma. The necessity to find womanhood  in accessories based in femininity prompted Roeder's questioning of their expectations for the future and adult life, especially for an individual that identifies as gender non-conforming. 

The piece is dedicated to critiquing the personal and societal standards of womanhood and femininity. Each piece of costume jewelry has been carefully crocheted into a massive, overbearing, and quite fragile headpiece and/or garment. Therefore, the piece must be strategically placed on the body in order for the necklaces to stay in-tact and not break. The performance of the piece plays out in the juxtaposition of the careful placement by the maker vs. the clumsy movements of the wearer, inevitably breaking off beads in order to find comfort. 

Pearls: An Expectation 2018-current

Crocheted costume pearls

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