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Recognize my body as queer

Recognize My Body as Queer is an ongoing experiment of manipulated digital photographs to create my ideal genderqueer form. With themes of accessibility, visibility vs. invisibility, and the digital domain, this series looks to explore what it means to be able to create the ideal body of queer desire. This is a body that is automatically perceived, understood, and truly recognized outside of the gender binary and solely as queer. 

My Queer Ideal (and now the bots can't see me) Experimental Digital Self-Portraits, series 2 of Recognize My Body as Queer. Ongoing Series.

Digital collage, iPhone photos

Instagram Square

Instagram: @botscantseeme

Truly Nude, series 1 of Recognize My Body as Queer. 2021.

Digital collage, Photobooth images, scanned film photographs

Dimensions vary

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